Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization requires experts knowledge and experience of both organic and paid search marketing, design, development, blogging as well as traditional marketing and advertising practices. While each case presents its own set of unique challenges, there is a basic set of services that we recommend to all of our customers.

So what’s involved in a thorough SEO strategy?

Any “SEO Professional” who tells you “we just need to play with some title tags and META keywords” isn’t worth your time. Search engine optimization is a process, and a long-term one at that.

Here’s just a high-level overview of what’s involved:

  • Assessing your company’s primary marketing objectives and to estimate/calculate how SEM can help support those objectives.
  • A search engine marketing strategy workshop to develop our initial list of target keywords for organic optimization and PPC advertising.
  • Keyword research to ensure that you are targeting the correct and most valuable keywords. We learn your customer’s language and identify keyword sweet spots.
  • Organic SEO to implement a content strategy that systematically adds new and relevant content into the core of your website. This is the key to long term success in search engine rankings.
  • Paid Search to position your website in the sponsored section of the search engine results pages. We advocate right-sized and managed Pay for Performance programs with Google, Yahoo, and other search vehicles.
  • Technical assessment that lets us identify and fix any technical problems that would inhibit good search engine rankings.
  • Submission and indexing with all important directories and search engines.
  • Linking strategies to develop reciprocal links with high-quality complementary websites.
  • Analysis of vital statistics to help us stay on top of your latest keyword rankings, PPC spend and website usage. Custom reports are also provided.
  • PR optimization that promotes greater visibility and coverage for your press releases. It can also contribute to the organic content strategy.
  • Ongoing consulting service to constantly monitor and improve your SEM results.

There’s a lot of work to do, but that’s why we’re here. We want to help you reach your search engine marketing goals, so please give us a call or contact us here through the site.