Paid Search Marketing

Paid.” Terrifying, isn’t it? Paid search engine marketing can sound like a sketchy proposition.

“Why do I need to care about pay-per-click? I’m already paying YOU for organic SEO.”

While organic search engine optimization is both effective and vital, nothing beats the highly-trackable and targetable nature of a pay-per-click campaign. If the cost is what’s scaring you away, think of it like this:

“How much revenue would a single new client bring in?”

Specifically in the B2B world, the cost of a pay-per-click campaign can be recovered (a few times over) very quickly.

A process you can trust

Considering the hard-earned dollars at stake, you need a process in place that you’re comfortable with. Here’s what our Certified Google AdWords Professionals can do to make the most of your paid search investment:

  • Recommend and agree on monthly ad spend budget
  • Research and develop a keywords list
  • Create and test search, mobile and image ad copy
  • Structure your account for optimal reporting and relevancy
  • Optimize budget, bids and targeting
  • Setup landing pages and install conversion tracking codes
  • Setup Re-marketing ads including creative copy and graphic design
  • Monthly results reporting
  • Targeted display network advertising

Backbone’s experts are versed in all major PPC services, and our qualified AdWords professionals can develop, overhaul and manage efficient and effective paid campaigns.