Website Design

The design of a website often gets pretty contradictory treatment:

  • During a web project, design tends to get all the focus (let’s face it: it’s the most fun).
  • After the project is over, designs will stay in place for years, often outstaying their welcome and dating your business.

Whether you’ve got a brand new site project that includes a design need, or it’s just time for a facelift on a site you’re otherwise happy with, we’re ready to talk with you and develop that “perfect look.”

More than just "Beautiful"

Nowadays, your website is often the first — and most frequent — direct connection you have with your audience. If your site makes you look old-fashioned and irrelevant, or simply doesn’t sync up with your company’s brand or values, it’s time for an update.

Effective designs are built on strategy, not trends. Backbone Media has a proven process in place to make sure we get the job done right:

  • Identify website needs, objectives, and target markets
  • Profile all types of potential users
  • Review existing marketing materials
  • Establish core values and message
  • Create moodboards – fairly abstract representations of a general “look and feel”
  • Design website compositions
  • Iterate on design until we reach a modern, beautiful, and effective solution