Web Design & Development

The development and launch of a new corporate website is a time of high excitement and higher stress. Marketing teams can easily be overwhelmed by the number of “moving parts” that are involved in a proper web project.

We’re not here to tell you it’s actually really easy — if it was, we wouldn’t be here! We ARE here to tell you that we can make it feel a lot easier. We’ve been developing websites for almost 20 years, so we’ve already faced (and addressed) the problems you’ll inevitably stumble across in your next site project.

The key components

Here are the primary areas where Backbone Media can make your next web project a successful one:

Website Design

More than just a pretty face, an effective design presents an image that’s in sync with your brand and corporate identity. We’ll develop a modern creative treatment that helps you stand out amongst the competition.

User Experience

Before you build and paint a house, you need a solid set of blueprints. Strategic planning and wireframing work ensures that your website meets your goals, without forsaking your users’ need to find what they’re looking for.

Website Development

From CMS implementation to responsive front-ends, custom functionality and all the standard “stuff” in-between, our development team will ensure your site “just works.”