Web Copywriting Services

You really can’t approach web copy the same way you would a book, a brochure, or any other traditional document. Web users have short attention spans, and tons of distractions: buttons, ads, links, computer notifications, other websites… …ooh Facebook!

Sorry! We’re back…

Great web copy will tell your company’s story in a way that captures user attention, inspires action, and maintains the tone and values set by your brand. We’ve got resources and a plan ready to get that copy created.

Keeping things fresh with expert help

Google and the other search engines are hungry for new content; they’re even factoring the age of content into their ranking algorithms.

Luckily, we have access to a network of US-based writers with expertise in your industry, who’d like nothing better than to create new, engaging content for your website.  More than mere “contractors,” these are proven professionals with whom we’ve developed long-term relationships.

The process at work

As part of giving you the best content possible, we’ll create a strategy specifically for your business. This involves:

  • Getting to know your brand to ensure the proper tone comes across on every page
  • Selecting the appropriate writers with the needed expertise to write effectively for your business.
  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders and topic experts at your company
  • Developing draft content for which you provide feedback and final approval

If your website content is feeling a little dusty, contact us today. We’ll work out a writing solution that fits your needs and budget.