Social Media Promotion

Many companies recognize that high-quality, highly relevant content can improve online marketing efforts. Targeted content can improve organic search engine results, increase traffic, and attract inbound links. However, simply adding content to your website or blog is a passive approach which doesn’t expand your online presence. Essentially, you’re relying on the chance that people will find your content through search, then share it and spread the word for you.

content with or without marketing and engagement

Adding content to your website helps increase organic search traffic but without social media engagement, you're leaving the links and buzz to chance. Backbone Media does both of these activities for your business.

As depicted in the comparison graphic above, the marketing value of original content produces inbound traffic from search, but it can be exponentially increased when it is actively leveraged as a way of engaging social media channels such as; LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With this approach, content marketing enables your company to enter the conversation in a particular group, spark attention, and lead people to your brand.

This approach produces amazing results, but it’s not a “one and done” kind of thing — just posting content once in a while is hardly worth the effort. The process needs to be sustained over several months — producing and promoting a 5 to 10 posts per month. Producing quality content at this pace can be challenging for companies of any size unless they can make a commitment to dedicate talent to their content creation effort. Companies taking advantage of content marketing gain a big competitive advantage over the companies that cannot.