Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of online content to entice a customer action — this can be filling out a form, clicking a link, buying a product, making a phone call, or learning about your services. Whatever the end result, the content created must resonate and provide value to your target audience(s).

How content marketing benefits your business

  • Thought Leadership - become known throughout the industry as an innovator
  • Building Trust – show your customers you care about the problems your products or services solve
  • Lead Generation – gated content which generate a targeted sales contact list
  • Lead Nurturing – remaining relevant to customers at all stages of their buying cycle
  • SEO Results – regularly published content focused on specific keywords gives search engines reason to index your site
  • Increasing Reach – influence and reach of the people and bloggers posting the chatter
  • Encouraging Positive Sentiment – direct happy customers to places where they can boost your rating, and monitor ratings in important venues

Where we come in

Backbone Media has distinct service offerings to support your content marketing efforts:

Closed-Loop Digital Marketing Package

Backbone’s Closed-Loop Digital Marketing Package is a full-service comprehensive yet affordable approach to inbound marketing that is designed to take a B2B company from nowhere to nirvana in 3-6 months.

Voice First B2B

Give us just 10 minutes on the phone with your thought leader and we will produce these 10 pieces of content - a video, podcast, blog post, graphic, slideshare, tweet, LinkedIn post, G+ post, Facebook post and Pinterest pin. That's our voice-first production service! 10 minutes of talking to us gets you 10 content assets .

Blog Writing

Nothing gets the SEO juices flowing like fresh content, but most of us don't have the time to make that happen.  Thankfully, you can trust Backbone to find and manage expert writers that will get your blog back on track. You can have that constantly-updated dream blog you've been hoping for.

Web Copywriting

Web copywriting includes writing of corporate site copy, newsletters, case studies, and content for email blasts. We’re ready to supplement your own writing efforts — or lack thereof — with our own U.S.-based network of writers. That writing team is 100% managed by Backbone, and made up of proven copywriters with expertise in your industry. We handle everything; you reap the benefits.

Social Media Marketing

More than ever, users are connecting socially online, and expecting your company to join the party. Backbone can help determine which social channels are most appropriate and valuable for you, and ensure your content gets the visibility and promotion it deserves.

B2B Newsroom

The B2B Newsroom is an offering that combines daily content aggregation and curation, new content creation, advertisements, custom video content, and frequent social media promotion. The outcome is a “perfect storm” of fresh content, increased reach, targeted promotion, and unbeatable SEO value.