Key Page Messaging

You’ve probably heard this old go-to marketing stat about websites:

“You have to grab their attention in 4-7 seconds, or you’ll lose ‘em!”

Well, you heard it because it’s true. The Internet is a big place, and there’s a good chance all of your competitors are out there, too; you’ve got to make the right impression very quickly, or your visitors will move on to the first available alternative.

First stop: Home Page

If we want to reach users in that first few vital seconds, we need to put the message where their eyes first land: the home page.

Knowing how short attention spans can be, companies often try to tell their whole story on the home page. But visitors don’t want to hear your whole story; they’ve got a specific problem that needs solving, and they want to find the answer as quickly as possible. If they’ve got to sift through 500 words of text on the very first page, that can’t happen.

If it does nothing else, your home page messaging needs to:

  • Tell users precisely what type of service or product you’re offering,
  • Begin their introduction to your brand and core values, and
  • Tell them how to contact you.

 A simple page that covers only those three points will likely be more effective than a long, scrolling novel of a home page, simply because it respected a user’s time and needs. At Backbone, we can take special care in crafting 2-5 key home page messages that will show users they’re in the right place.

The belly of the (helpful and friendly) beast

Once our expertly-labeled and organized homepage sends users onto the next step of their journey, we need to keep that momentum going. Interior pages on B2B sites are notorious for long, dry content.

Remember: Your users are people just like you. If you get bored reading something, they will, too!

The other piece of our key messaging service is to help craft headlines and sub-headers on your most important landing pages. These headlines will call attention to the content your users care most about, and help extend your brand into even the meatiest pieces of content.

If you think your site could be doing a better job directing and focusing users on the content that matters, contact us today. We’d love to help!