Core Values Workshop

Core values are traits that create the identity of your company; they provide a “North Star” to follow in good times and bad. Core values show what you’re most passionate about, and how you’ve decided you want to do business. These values help form the basis of every strategic business decision you make, and keep you honest and on-track when times get tough.

As an example, our core values here at Backbone are:

  • Passion
  • Insight
  • Nimbleness
  • Partnership

On the surface, they just look like words, but we apply them to decisions we make every day. “Passion” and “Insight” have kept us from becoming complacent in our work, or taking a more canned, “off the shelf” approach. “Nimbleness” has kept us small and lean, so we don’t outgrow our ability to adapt to client needs. “Partnership” has defined the way we choose to collaborate day-to-day with clients, instead of cranking out what we think is best with little input from them.

The point is that your core values are intrinsic to who you are, and to what you do.

Core exercises, no gym required

If you’re not sure what your core values are, we’ve created a service offering that will help you find out.

  • We’ll meet with you, and guide a conversation with your key stakeholders.
  • Each stakeholder will have a chance to present a few core values they think might work.
  • From there, we’ll discuss the justifications behind the choices, and start narrowing the field.
  • Ultimately, we’ll boil all of the options down to the top three or four
  • Once we’ve settled on those core values, we’ll work on crafting a core brand message that differentiates you from your competition, makes you memorable to prospects, and acts as a timeless description of your business.