Branding & Messaging

Companies often try to simply “draw a brand out” from a website redesign. Whether it’s for cost reasons or timing, we’re here to tell you that this simply doesn’t work; in fact, it’s backwards.

A true and memorable brand isn’t just an incidental outcome of some other project. It should be strategically created based on a company’s core values, and it informs all other marketing initiatives.

That said, a website redesign does create a great opportunity to check in and see if your brand is really meeting your expectations:

  • Do you stand out amongst your competition?
  • Do your prospects really know what makes you different?
  • Do they know “what you’re all about” as a company?

If you can’t confidently answer “Yes!” to those questions, we may have an opportunity to work together.

Backbone’s brand building blocks

Core Values Workshop

Your customers can’t understand who you are until you completely understand it yourself. Discover the invariable traits that define your company’s personality and culture. Those values will help create your core brand message, which clearly conveys your value and position in the marketplace.

Visual Identity

Your visual brand needs to reflect your corporate personality. Are you warm and friendly? Stoic and serious? Casual or professional? From logos and letterhead to business cards and presentation templates, we can create the visual elements that inscribe your image into your audience’s consciousness.

Key Page Messaging

It’s easy to focus on imagery when thinking about your brand, but your words are what ultimately tell your story. From the home page to key interior pages, we can help draft messages that differentiate you from your competition, endear you to users, and underline your value proposition.