Why Your Website Design Needs to Be More Than Beautiful

So what questionEver been to a trade show where someone is giving out samples of food or beverage? Some think this is a cheap marketing tactic, others call it genius. The reality is; free samples may get you a long line at your booth, but won't help you build long-term relationships or generate much in sales. The problem is a lack of substance in your offer -- the same can be said for your website design.

A beautiful website design may win awards. It may draw people in initially, but won't be successful without focusing on the three keys to building a relationship -- trust, substance, and knowing what you stand for.

Does your site have a heart for helping others?

If your website design is beautiful on the outside and not on the inside, your audience is going to keep on clicking -- away from your site. When your site is focused on providing answers that help solve the problems (even the small ones) of your target audience, it builds trust and is a crucial part of a successful user experience strategy (UX).

Does your web copywriting approach address the small problems that are creating hurdles for your customers?

Are you offering substance underneath the beauty?

Incredible infographics. Startling stats. Vividly viral videos. Sure, you can produce these, but do they have substance? Are you creating substantive, creative blog articles, videos, and other content that enhance the focus of your overall content strategy? Without clearly set and defined goals, content without purpose (or content for content's sake), can only hurt your bottom line.

Does your site illustrate your authentic brand and message?

In the consumerization of B2B marketing, "me too" doesn't cut it. Your business has something special to offer, and your website should tell that story effectively.

A website design is most effective when it takes into consideration your corporate brand's unique core values. These are brand attributes that clearly establish why your company exists in the marketplace. The adjectives help guide and direct logo and color exploration, as well as moodboards and the general look-and-feel of your website. They also help distinguish your brand and positioning from your competitors -- it's easier to stand out with a unique stance and corporate website presence.

In other words, it's important to tell your story and have your own voice.

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