Why Not Having a Brand Newsroom Is Costing You

Brand NewsroomOnline dating has exploded. Content marketing has exploded. And there's a reason for that. Personal ads are scary. Ads for software, apps and even food processors are EVERYWHERE. It's hard to gain trust with a few sentences.

Online dating sites are bringing in more than $1 billion each year because they've discovered a secret: online dating gives the date seeker a chance to vet the people they date. It's not blind. It's informed.

Speed dating can be fun, but it's a lot like an ad. You just get a glimpse of someone. You don't get to dig deep into the conversation. You don't get to do product research before you meet for coffee.

These dating sites allow you to connect without the strings or fear of rejection. And that's what a B2B brand newsroom gives your target audience -- a chance to get to know your brand and products without the stress of talking to someone right away.

If you're still spending the majority of your marketing dollars on display ads and the events everyone attends, you might be losing an opportunity. You might also be costing yourself dollars by being "that brand" that pushes their messages out.

It's no secret that with the deluge of marketing from every direction that people have decided enough is enough. They control the marketing conversation. They decide if you get screen time or a chance to talk with them.

Take these three stats from Mashable:

  • 44% of direct mail is never opened. What a waste of money, time and trees.
  • DVRs have killed television commercials (86% of us fast forward through them).
  • Those ads all over the side of your site or the float in banner? It causes us to leave the building immediately. In fact, 84% of 25 to 34 year olds say the click out of a site when the ads become "irrelevant or intrusive."

Content marketing works because it's entertaining, engaging and two-way. Consider these two classic dating scenarios when you consider a brand newsroom.

Do you want to date the guy your sister set you up with that sings his praises over a cold plate of chicken alfredo? Or do you want to gradually get to know that guy or gal from the dinner meetup group you're bestie invited you to?

The first scenario often ends in an emergency call from your friend because your cat got sick. The second scenario might actually turn into a relationship. There's a common interest and a low-key opportunity for you to really get to know the person.

That second scenario is what a brand newsroom will give you and your target audience. A chance to get to know each other without the stress.

So, are you missing out on an opportunity to really get to know your customers? We think so.