Top 3 Social Media Sites for B2B Marketers

Tangled in the social web?

B2B Social MediaIn a recent post, I gave a few pointers on how to succeed with Social Media marketing for both B2B and B2C content marketers; but the usage can be a little vague for marketers operating in a B2B environment. Although 86% of business-to-business firms utilize social media, only 32% use these sites on a daily basis.

This data suggests that B2B marketers are not taking proper advantage of social media, but that its usage is on the rise. For business-to-business marketers, the problem is that they can’t utilize social media the same way as a B2C marketer.

The first step is to pick and choose your platforms. There are literally thousands of social media websites available -- but which work best for B2B marketers?

Top 3 social media sites for B2B marketing:

1. LinkedIn

Known as the ‘professional’ social networking site, LinkedIn stands above the rest for B2B marketers. The members of this site lean towards a ‘business mentality’ opposed to a ‘personal’ state of mind. Profiles are set up as online resumes, placing greater importance on work experience instead of hobbies. This professional environment is the ideal place for B2B marketers.

2. Twitter

While the demographic of Twitter is diverse, it’s still a valuable resource for B2B content marketers. Twitter allows its users to post short posts (under 140 characters) and link to various industry-specific content. Use Twitter to increase the visibility of your business, and add value to your target audience. Marketo provides further tips on how to optimize this resource.

3. Google+

A relative newcomer on the scene, Google+ is growing in popularity and contains many features ideal for B2B marketers. Like any social media site used by marketers, it’s a fantastic way to provide content to your target audience, but Google+ really stands out with its Hangout feature, allowing businesses to video chat with up to ten of their followers.

Is that it?

Usage of any or all of these social media sites will not work without regular and relevant participation. Social Media for B2B Marketers is about sharing content with a target audience, and developing your brand into a ‘thought leader’ on your specific area of expertise. As a piece of your company’s overall marketing plan, building a social media presence will increase the visibility of your business, and ultimately lead to higher profits.