The 4 Cs: The Four Marketing and Sales Challenges for B2B Business Leaders in 2021

Sun Tzu has said "opportunities multiply as they are seized". There is an opening for savvy business owners to turn the chaos of 2020 into an opportunity to grow like never before. Over the last 25 years the business world has witnessed how traditional sales prospecting and marketing tactics have blended together with digital marketing. The tactics, tools, and data available to marketers today can be overwhelming yet very powerful when used strategically. The challenge is adapting your business and talent to not just overcome but exploit the challenges that B2B companies are facing now. We call these challenges the 4Cs.

  1. Covid effect: The pandemic may be finally in the rear view mirror by 2021 but it has left a giant mark on the way business is done. It has accelerated digitalization of your employees, prospects and customers. B2B marketing is almost all digital in the days of working from home, Zoom meetings, and social distancing. Has your marketing and sales adapted?
  2. Competency: To conduct a modern marketing campaign a person needs competency in: industry expertise, marketing strategy, creative direction, engaging messaging, branding, design, technology,  analytics, and project management. It’s important to note that capability is not the same as competency. Small degrees in quality of competency in ANY of these areas can result in huge differences in ROI. Larger companies can afford to have teams and hire people who specialize in the various competencies, but smaller B2Bs do not have that luxury.
  3. Cost: The cost of employing a competent, full-time, dedicated employee or team that truly understands how to harness this power will put a large dent in any small business’ budget. The marketing tools and related services and partners can add up quickly, too.
  4. Continuity: There is also a strong need for continuity. As with most of the best things in life, success comes from consistent and sustained effort driven by achievable goals and a solid strategy. Any great resources that you may have as full-time employees are always subject to flight. Also remember that breaks in continuity can destroy an investment into marketing.

If small businesses can find one or two people who possess the listed core competencies above and who can also offer competency and continuity affordably, then congratulations: you found the unicorn. Make them a partner. 

All kidding aside, the reality is employees like this are scarce. They rarely stay at the same company for more than 2 - 4 years. Continuity interruptions created by the loss of these “unicorn” employees can have a major negative impact on a company’s bottom line. That’s why we created the Backbone Marketing Machine. Stay tuned for information about our new digital marketing service.