The Pros and Cons of Hosting Live Social Media Events

It’s every business’s dream to have hundreds of prospective clients waiting to sign on for live social media events. But for how many brands is that really a reality? And, if you’re one of them, how do you know when the time is right to launch one? While live branded social media events seem like a […]

Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2014

Backbone Media recently attended the Social Media Today webinar focused on social media marketing predictions for 2014. The guest list included Sandra Lopez from Intel, R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0) from Constellation Research, Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) from BRANDERATI. The host was Paul Dunay (@pauldunay) from Maxymiser. The following blog article focuses on five major themes from […]

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Marketing in a Social World In order for your content marketing plan to actually work, you must also be successful with social media promotion. Social media provides marketers the platform to disperse their content into appropriate channels, increasing the visibility of your brand to a wider, targeted audience. The bottom line is: social media isn’t […]

Top 3 Social Media Sites for B2B Marketers

Tangled in the social web? In a recent post, I gave a few pointers on how to succeed with Social Media marketing for both B2B and B2C content marketers; but the usage can be a little vague for marketers operating in a B2B environment. Although 86% of business-to-business firms utilize social media, only 32% use […]

How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Market Where Your Customers Are Know Your Audience Any type of marketing fails if the marketer doesn’t develop a firm grasp on their intended audience and potential customers. Regardless of differences in industry or the target customers, ALL marketing needs to resonate with readers or viewers of the content in order to run a successful […]