The Importance of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates in B2B Marketing

Recently, LinkedIn passed the 300 million member mark — and users are sharing content with each other at an increasing rate. Marketers, specifically B2B marketers, are learning it’s becoming THE place to distribute their content. Blog posts, videos, case studies, reports — whatever it is, members are sharing it on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team […]

How Content Marketing Builds Thought Leadership

Have you ever asked someone for advice? Whether the advice you needed was personal, financial, or business-related, you probably went to someone you trusted – someone you listened to before and set a good example on the topic. This is called thought leadership and can be achieved through strategic content marketing. Thought leadership can take your marketing and […]

3 Steps to a Customer-Friendly Inbound Marketing Program

Inbound marketing is built around engaging with (and providing useful information to) your target audience. Unlike traditional interruptive marketing, inbound marketing focuses on building customer engagement, as opposed to marketing at your potential buyers. But that’s where a problem often creeps into most B2B marketing programs; they aren’t built with the customer in mind. They’re often created […]

The Rebirth of Klout and Social Media Influence

Do you feel like social media changes far too often for you? Whether it’s Facebook and the battle of the marketers or LinkedIn’s content sharing update, you might be sick to death of this industry’s fluctuations. Unfortunately, today’s post is no different. While the most popular social media networks have stayed relatively consistent, the way […]

The Value of Infographics for Social Media Marketing

Infographics offer a great way to convey information and data visually to a broad audience, including individuals outside the company’s standard customer base. As part of your overall social media marketing strategy, infographics can reach people not accustomed to the technical lingo or common knowledge associated with your particular industry. The infographic helps to simplify your […]