Why You MUST Have a Mobile-Friendly Website (now according to Google)

From a usability perspective, having a mobile-friendly website is a no-brainer. Users are increasingly visiting your website from a variety of different smartphones, tablets, and other devices—and it only makes sense to accommodate to this ever-growing group of visitors. Erik Qualman—digital leadership speaker, entrepreneur, and author—recently predicted that 2015 is the year that companies will […]

The Real Value of a B2B Marketing Agency

Okay, business-owners, it’s time for a marketing pop quiz: SEO or PPC? Or maybe both? Content marketing or paid PR? Or are they the same thing? And even more confusing: which options make sense for your business? When it comes to marketing your business, you can choose from any number of technologies to help you […]

The Top 5 Benefits of B2B Blogging

In today’s market, even B2B brands are realizing that blogs play an important role in lead generation and customer acquisition. A quick peek at the Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner supports this notion; 68% of marketers plan on increasing B2B blogging efforts this year. What about the 32% that still don’t […]

4 Tools That Will Shed Light on your SEO Effectiveness

In school, relationships, and life, we always wonder where we stand. But when it comes to you the effectiveness of your website’s SEO strategies, you don’t have to wonder about it (sorry, we can’t help out with those other three…). Marketing agencies can help you figure out where your website stands when compared to other websites in your […]