How Content Marketing Builds Thought Leadership

Have you ever asked someone for advice? Whether the advice you needed was personal, financial, or business-related, you probably went to someone you trusted – someone you listened to before and set a good example on the topic. This is called thought leadership and can be achieved through strategic content marketing. Thought leadership can take your marketing and […]

Search Engine Marketing in 2014: Focus on Content

One of the most important things to know about search engine marketing is that Google doesn’t exist for your company’s benefit. They don’t care if your website ranks highly or not — frankly, it’s not their problem. Google focuses on their users conducting searches and providing the best and most relevant results for them. Sure, […]

Is Your Brand Important Enough?

How do you describe your brand? Take a quick poll around your office and ask your co-workers to best describe your company in one or two sentences. If you get varying answers, or if people have a hard time actually answering you, your brand is not important enough. If everyone says the essentially the same […]

Top 5 Goals of Content Marketing

Why bother with content marketing? Content marketing is a huge buzz-term in Internet marketing — it uses the creation of relevant content to promote a brand and lead to favorable customer actions. While the end result is ALWAYS to generate higher sales for the company, there are other goals content marketing strives to achieve, and […]

Who Cares about Content Marketing?

If you care about the success of your organization, YOU should care about Content Marketing. But what is it? and how is it any different from traditional marketing or advertising methods? Content marketing uses online content for promotional purposes leading to a profitable customer action — this could be clicking a link, filling out a […]