6 Ways to Be the Best Guide on the B2B Buyer Journey

In the past three years, the B2B buyer’s journey has gotten longer – in fact, buyers are getting further into the process before even speaking to a sales person – as much as 90% of the way through the process. Usually, that’s because they’re simply looking for information about their own problems and obstacles, rather […]

Stop Writing Boring Content!!

Is your content boring? One of the biggest difficulties of content marketing is writing compelling copy that people actually want to read — after all, we’ve all heard the rumors that the Internet is responsible for our declining attention spans — and it’s getting harder and harder to reach people. . .. … …. … […]

Who Cares about Content Marketing?

If you care about the success of your organization, YOU should care about Content Marketing. But what is it? and how is it any different from traditional marketing or advertising methods? Content marketing uses online content for promotional purposes leading to a profitable customer action — this could be clicking a link, filling out a […]