A Conversation with Ardath Albee: The Power of Personas

In this blog post interview, I speak with Ardath Albee, the CEO and B2B Marketing Strategist for Marketing Interactions. She has nearly 30 years of business management and marketing operations experience that she uses to create persona-driven content strategies, and she’s also a die-hard writer and storyteller. We will revisit her 2015 B2B marketing trends and predictions and […]

Why Emotions Matter in B2B Content Marketing

According to a survey by CEB Marketing Leadership Council™ and Google, emotions matter in B2B buying, but did you know that they actually matter even more than logic and reason? Almost 43% of respondents said that personal value matters more to them when it comes to B2B buying decisions. Logic and reason matter, but are trumped […]

4 Reasons Your Customers Aren’t Reading Your B2B Blog Posts

There are two truths that many B2B companies are taking to heart: B2B content marketing works, and it works at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising models. But when you take on a content marketing program for your company, it can be frustrating to pluck away at your keyboard, typing up post after […]

6 Ways to Be the Best Guide on the B2B Buyer Journey

In the past three years, the B2B buyer’s journey has gotten longer – in fact, buyers are getting further into the process before even speaking to a sales person – as much as 90% of the way through the process. Usually, that’s because they’re simply looking for information about their own problems and obstacles, rather […]

The Importance of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates in B2B Marketing

Recently, LinkedIn passed the 300 million member mark — and users are sharing content with each other at an increasing rate. Marketers, specifically B2B marketers, are learning it’s becoming THE place to distribute their content. Blog posts, videos, case studies, reports — whatever it is, members are sharing it on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team […]