How to Merge your Google+ Local and Business Page (Sort of)

Back in 2012, Google announced that they would be replacing Google Places with Google+ Local. All of the Google Places listings were then converted to G+ pages. This caused many duplicate business pages, as these new pages were separate from any existing Google+ business accounts. Google+ Local pages generally do better in search, making the […]

The Pros and Cons of Hosting Live Social Media Events

It’s every business’s dream to have hundreds of prospective clients waiting to sign on for live social media events. But for how many brands is that really a reality? And, if you’re one of them, how do you know when the time is right to launch one? While live branded social media events seem like a […]

3 Cornerstone SEO Tips from Google

Does it seem like just when you start to understand search engine optimization (SEO), something changes? Either Google shoots out a new update, or a competitor posts about a new strategy and it leaves you running for a specialist to understand how this impacts your own strategy. Fortunately, SEO doesn’t have to be that complicated. […]

Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2014

Backbone Media recently attended the Social Media Today webinar focused on social media marketing predictions for 2014. The guest list included Sandra Lopez from Intel, R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0) from Constellation Research, Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) from BRANDERATI. The host was Paul Dunay (@pauldunay) from Maxymiser. The following blog article focuses on five major themes from […]