How to Regularly Reassess Your Customer Personas

Customer personas help you guide your business messaging and B2B marketing efforts towards the right audience. But one thing most companies don’t take into account is that the needs of your customers change with new technology, new job descriptions, and new turnover. Once you’ve built your rock-solid client personas, your work isn’t done. You need […]

Customer Personas: What is Your Audience Looking For?

In B2B marketing, there’s a lot of talk about customer personas. “It’s a logical place to start, as it’s next to impossible to develop a content strategy without a keen understanding of the people involved in buying complex B2B offerings.” – Ardath Albee wrote on her Marketing Interactions blog. But don’t be fooled by the […]

Is Your Brand Important Enough?

How do you describe your brand? Take a quick poll around your office and ask your co-workers to best describe your company in one or two sentences. If you get varying answers, or if people have a hard time actually answering you, your brand is not important enough. If everyone says the essentially the same […]