Why “Me, Too!” Corporate Branding Won’t Win You Customers

When you first start to define your corporate branding guidelines and strategy, it can be very tempting to check out the competition and model (or even mimic) what they’ve got going on — especially when you see your competitors are successful. It’s easy to start to think that they must be on to something and that […]

Your Website Is Not an Art Project: 3 Web Design Best Practices

Users form opinions about your website in two-tenths of a second. When your website drives your business, you have to make sure that the first impression is really meaningful. In that brief time, your prospective client is taking in your overall web design and navigation and deciding whether or not they want to engage with your business. […]

Why Your Website Design Needs to Be More Than Beautiful

Ever been to a trade show where someone is giving out samples of food or beverage? Some think this is a cheap marketing tactic, others call it genius. The reality is; free samples may get you a long line at your booth, but won’t help you build long-term relationships or generate much in sales. The […]

Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2014

Backbone Media recently attended the Social Media Today webinar focused on social media marketing predictions for 2014. The guest list included Sandra Lopez from Intel, R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0) from Constellation Research, Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) from BRANDERATI. The host was Paul Dunay (@pauldunay) from Maxymiser. The following blog article focuses on five major themes from […]

Is Your Brand Important Enough?

How do you describe your brand? Take a quick poll around your office and ask your co-workers to best describe your company in one or two sentences. If you get varying answers, or if people have a hard time actually answering you, your brand is not important enough. If everyone says the essentially the same […]