How to Succeed with Social Media Marketing

Market Where Your Customers Are Know Your Audience Any type of marketing fails if the marketer doesn’t develop a firm grasp on their intended audience and potential customers. Regardless of differences in industry or the target customers, ALL marketing needs to resonate with readers or viewers of the content in order to run a successful […]

Stop Writing Boring Content!!

Is your content boring? One of the biggest difficulties of content marketing is writing compelling copy that people actually want to read — after all, we’ve all heard the rumors that the Internet is responsible for our declining attention spans — and it’s getting harder and harder to reach people. . .. … …. … […]

Top 5 Goals of Content Marketing

Why bother with content marketing? Content marketing is a huge buzz-term in Internet marketing — it uses the creation of relevant content to promote a brand and lead to favorable customer actions. While the end result is ALWAYS to generate higher sales for the company, there are other goals content marketing strives to achieve, and […]

Who Cares about Content Marketing?

If you care about the success of your organization, YOU should care about Content Marketing. But what is it? and how is it any different from traditional marketing or advertising methods? Content marketing uses online content for promotional purposes leading to a profitable customer action — this could be clicking a link, filling out a […]

Top 3 Challenges for B2B Marketers in 2013 via David Meerman Scott

B2B Marketing Hiring, Measuring and Messaging In a recent Backbone Media webcast, “Top B2B Marketing Trends of 2013,” author, speaker and Hubspot advisor David Meerman Scott highlights three major challenges affecting marketers this year: finding analytics talent, lead-based measurement and “gobbledygook” messaging. Let’s look a little deeper.