Why You Should Co-Source Your B2B Newsroom

Everywhere you look, you’ll see reports and warnings telling you that outsourcing your B2B newsroom is going to detract from your brand’s image. Outsiders don’t understand your brand, you’ll need a full-time person to manage your outsourced news team. And our personal favorite – a B2B newsroom is a waste of time. While there are […]

Search Engine Marketing in 2014: Focus on Content

One of the most important things to know about search engine marketing is that Google doesn’t exist for your company’s benefit. They don’t care if your website ranks highly or not — frankly, it’s not their problem. Google focuses on their users conducting searches and providing the best and most relevant results for them. Sure, […]

Why Not Having a Brand Newsroom Is Costing You

Online dating has exploded. Content marketing has exploded. And there’s a reason for that. Personal ads are scary. Ads for software, apps and even food processors are EVERYWHERE. It’s hard to gain trust with a few sentences. Online dating sites are bringing in more than $1 billion each year because they’ve discovered a secret: online […]

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Marketing in a Social World In order for your content marketing plan to actually work, you must also be successful with social media promotion. Social media provides marketers the platform to disperse their content into appropriate channels, increasing the visibility of your brand to a wider, targeted audience. The bottom line is: social media isn’t […]

Top 3 Social Media Sites for B2B Marketers

Tangled in the social web? In a recent post, I gave a few pointers on how to succeed with Social Media marketing for both B2B and B2C content marketers; but the usage can be a little vague for marketers operating in a B2B environment. Although 86% of business-to-business firms utilize social media, only 32% use […]