A Conversation with Ardath Albee: The Power of Personas

In this blog post interview, I speak with Ardath Albee, the CEO and B2B Marketing Strategist for Marketing Interactions. She has nearly 30 years of business management and marketing operations experience that she uses to create persona-driven content strategies, and she’s also a die-hard writer and storyteller. We will revisit her 2015 B2B marketing trends and predictions and […]

100 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2015 From Top Thought Leaders

Looking Ahead…2015 B2B Marketing Predictions Want to know what’s going to shake up the B2B marketing world in 2015? Will social ads dominate, predictive marketing flourish, or content marketing continue to evolve? One thing’s for sure; with changes in the digital marketing landscape, 2014 won’t be the same as 2015 – but how can you stay […]

5 Reasons to Have a Responsive Website

At the beginning of the year, the US passed a mobile milestone: almost half of American adults own a tablet (40% to be precise.) That’s almost 200 million people. Many of those tablets are being purchased by enterprise companies, and being provided to their employees for work. With all of the different options of tablets […]

Should Your B2B Social Media Strategy Include Publishing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is already an important marketing partner for B2B social media programs. Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened up their Pulse news pages to the public and now everyone can publish their own content there alongside other influencers like Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, and Tony Robbins. It’s the perfect platform to start publishing your own B2B […]

Why Emotions Matter in B2B Content Marketing

According to a survey by CEB Marketing Leadership Council™ and Google, emotions matter in B2B buying, but did you know that they actually matter even more than logic and reason? Almost 43% of respondents said that personal value matters more to them when it comes to B2B buying decisions. Logic and reason matter, but are trumped […]