4 Secrets to a Professional (and Successful) B2B Blog Post

Writing is hard, and writing well is even harder. B2B companies are discovering this as they try to put content marketing initiatives into production. Companies realize that they need top-notch writing to attract an audience and then turn them into customers – this is especially true with their corporate blog. A B2B blog post should […]

The Top 5 Benefits of B2B Blogging

In today’s market, even B2B brands are realizing that blogs play an important role in lead generation and customer acquisition. A quick peek at the Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner supports this notion; 68% of marketers plan on increasing B2B blogging efforts this year. What about the 32% that still don’t […]

Have You Solved the Mystery of B2B Blogging?

“More than a decade after its creation, blogging remains a black box for many companies, especially B2B marketers,” said Mark Schaefer, author of Eloqua’s latest Grande Guide, The Grande Guide to B2B Blogging. While getting on board the blogging train is the first step — creating good, engaging blog content is just as (if not […]