Have You Solved the Mystery of B2B Blogging?

"More than a decade after its creation, blogging remains a black box for many companies, especially B2B marketers," said Mark Schaefer, author of Eloqua's latest Grande Guide, The Grande Guide to B2B Blogging.

Have You Solved the Mystery of B2B Blogging?While getting on board the blogging train is the first step -- creating good, engaging blog content is just as (if not more) important. After all, you want readers to keep coming back for more, right?

But if you aren't quite sure where to start, take a look at these five companies that have solved the mystery of B2B blogging:


A consultancy firm that provides a wide-range of services like auditing, financial advisory, and risk management; Deloitte centralizes all of their content on the Deloitte University Press. Deloitte’s focus is on their knowledge, so providing useful content is key. Each blog is filled with posts on topics that matter to (and impact) their customers.

TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a business intelligence analytics software and data visualization platform. Their Trends and Outliers blog speaks to audiences from a number of industries and covers a number of topics. Intuitive content organization paired with quality, well-written articles is the key to success for this blog.

Sungard Availability Services

An IT availability services partner, Sungard AS maintains an engaging blog. Full of interesting posts with compelling headlines and images, they delve into the obstacles and issues in their industry, and provide solutions and information about them.


As a leader of mobile application management solutions, Apperian's Enterprise Mobility Blog speaks to their expertise while helping corporations (and their IT departments) take advantage of the BYOD movement. They provide content that simultaneously helps potential clients and promotes thought leadership.


A provider of recruiting solutions for technology companies, Gild understands why B2B readers consume content – they’re looking to address a challenge. So the Gild blog provides content that addresses that challenge. They’re not providing the answer, but rather are exploring the obstacle in question.

While this is certainly not an definitive list, we think these five companies are doing this whole B2B blogging thing the right way. But what do you think, is there a company we missed?

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