B2B Marketing VPs Need to Produce Remarkable Content Consistently

Content is King because it’s your golden ticket to engaging with customers. The most effective content not only attracts visitors, but it helps you convert and nurture those folks through the sales funnel.

Most B2B marketers understand the importance of creating engaging content but many struggle to succeed at producing it. Why? There are three key factors that contribute to this problem. We already talked about the first two: buyer insight and measurement.  The third is lack of an efficient content production operation.

Creating compelling content - the kind that converts - is a product of a good insight into the customer and then an equally good process for making sure that the content comes to life in the form of a video, webinar, blog, case study or white paper. The process often becomes bogged down in this phase because most companies don’t have content development operations.

If you answer “no” to any or all of the following, your current strategy may be fundamentally flawed:

  • Are you producing at least one piece of engaging content per week?
  • Are you producing video or interactive content?
  • Is your content a factor in terms of online lead generating or thought leadership compared with your competitors?
  • Are you able to leverage thought leaders from your company or subject matter experts as primary sources for your content?
  • Do you have a streamlined process for publishing and promoting your content?

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