B2B Marketing VPs Need a Better Reporting Structure That Closes the Loop Between Marketing and Revenue

According to AdAge, more than half of CMOs feel that a large portion of their marketing budgets are wasted and not delivering the results their business expects. Whether it’s fair or not, you are being held accountable for growth, not just the performance of certain marketing channels like your website. This is why your overall strategy must include a plan to accurately and efficiently track ALL of your campaigns from entry and conversion, through to SQL and sales revenue. Most marketers are failing to do this. Pulling if off requires planning and a wide range of skills, so it’s no wonder that so many marketing professionals are struggling to succeed at this.

If you answer “no” to any or all of the following, your current strategy may be fundamentally flawed:

  • Can you easily show the connection between all of your active marketing campaigns and revenue?
  • Do your stakeholders give you the marketing budget you need because they see the value marketing is providing?
  • Are you gleaning meaningful actionable insights from the data you collect?
  • Are you confident that your data is accurate?

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