B2B Marketing VPs Need Accurate Buyer Personas

Why B2B Marketers Need Better Insight Into Their Buyers

You know the saying garbage in garbage out? Well That’s what you have if you’re basing your marketing decisions on inaccurate assumptions about your customers. If this sounds like you, then you haven't spent enough time developing BUYER PERSONAS.

A buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer based on real data about your existing customers. They’re critical to your strategy because they give you valuable insight into what triggers a buyer’s decision to prioritize an investment in a solution like yours. Once you have this insight it can be used to develop very compelling content and messaging.

Here are some statistics that illustrate why buyer personas are so important to get right:

  • 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented buyer personas.
  • Persona based content increases customer engagement almost six-fold when targeting cold leads (10% versus 58%).

A MarketingSherpa case study found that buyer personas added the following value:

  • 900% increase in length of visit
  • 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue
  • 111% increase in email open rate
  • and a 100% increase in the number of pages visited

Too many companies shortchange the necessary research it takes to develop buyer personas. This leads to inaccurate assumptions about their customers. Then, this is compounded across all of their marketing and communications efforts.

If you answer “no” to any or all of the following, your current strategy may be fundamentally flawed:

  • Do you know the most compelling reasons why buyers decide to invest in a solution like yours, and why others are content with the status quo?
  • Do you know the top results buyers expect from purchasing a solution like yours?
  • Do you know what prevents buyers from considering your solution - or why they think your competitors have a better offer?
  • Do you know your buyer's evaluation and decision criteria?
  • Do you have confidence that your team is producing the right types of content to attract and engage your most profitable customers?

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