4 Subtle Ways You Halt the Growth of Your Business

Your business has been on a roll. Your initial marketing strategy caused you to grow quickly, and you think you’re doing great. Then suddenly, your sales plateau, and you have no idea why.

This is a common issue many small businesses face, and it can be difficult to figure out how to jumpstart sales again - unless you can identify what caused the plateau in the first place. If you have a great product or service, odds are the plateau isn’t due to the offering. Often it’s a sales, strategy, or routine issue that causes the stagnation in revenue.

If you’re currently in this position, or want to avoid being in this position in the future, check out these four ways you might be halting forward progress in your business. You may be surprised at some of the subtle ways your day-to-day routines or operational assumptions are holding you back.

Let’s dive in.

You Rely On Your Original Messaging

For many small businesses, their original messaging was helpful for them to grow their business in the beginning - but eventually it stops working. Why does this happen? Often it is because your prospect’s needs or thoughts have changed, and your current messaging no longer resonates.

You need to gain better buyer insight in order to discover how to more effectively communicate with your target audience. Take the time to gather that insight and adjust your messaging accordingly. Don’t assume. Ask.

You Spend All Your Time Taking Care of Current Customers

Think about your day-to-day. Do you find that you spend all your time satisfying your current customer base, and little to no time bringing in new business? If so, you’re creating a log jam that is holding you up. You need to find a way to balance caring for your current clients with generating new leads.

Refocus your efforts on prospecting so that you always have a flow of potential clients to market to. This will increase the health of your business without compromising your current audience. If you constantly struggle with this issue, consider hiring a teammate to help you manage this specific area of your business.

You Place Too Much Focus on Your Website

Gone are the days when the website reigned supreme. You may have a beautiful site, but is it effective for driving traffic and converting customers? In 2020, the majority of websites do not speak directly to their desired audience. The messaging is off. With ever-shortening consumer attention spans, you can’t afford to miss the mark.

Do not depend on your website to do all the marketing and sales work for you. Does that mean get rid of your website? Not necessarily. It simply means that you must optimize your site for conversion and use other lead-generating options, such as landing pages, email marketing, and funnels to your advantage. These additional tools provide you with high-performance benefits that allow you to be largely hands-off - a big deal when time and energy are so precious.

You Keep Trying to Do It All Yourself

If you’ve been trying to handle the entire workload on your own, consider changing tactics. Once you reach a certain level, you cannot effectively develop and maintain high-powered marketing and sales machines on your own without suffering severe stress in the process. It’s not necessary to wear yourself out to continue to grow your business. There is a better way.

Outsource your needs to a marketing company who already has a team in place. You will receive the benefit of an entire department without bringing on the burden of additional hires. Not only will this save you time and energy, it will very likely be more cost-effective for you in the long run.

A good marketing company can help you strategize, gather insight, and launch a new campaign that will prospect, nurture, and convert more customers than any single person could do on their own.

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