Shel Holtz

Principal at Holtz Communication & Technology

With 30-plus years in corporate communications, I consult with companies on the application of online communication to their organizational communication efforts. Based on my corporate experience in employee communications, I have worked mostly on intranets, although I often help organizations with their online corporate communication strategies.

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Marketers will become more responsible for bottom-line results

I expect 2015 to be the first year we see a surge in the number of marketers who are held accountable for bottom-line results. It’s already happening to some extent, but I think it’s going to become a really significant trend in 2015.

Now, along with this accountability, we’ll see more marketers assume the mantle of “revenue marketers” – one who is able to demonstrate that direct causal link between marketing activities and bottom-line revenue.

For this to happen, we’re also going to see a deeper connection established between marketing and sales – since marketing isn’t worth much if it can’t help the sales department close deals. Marketers will not only be accountable for its contribution to the bottom-line, but also to producing solid, qualified leads that salespeople actually want.

There are companies already heading down this path, like Cisco Systems which has found that being more focused on revenue means they’re getting better at speaking the language of business and sales. They’re talking about planning, and forecasting, and the product pipeline, and the like. And another byproduct of this shift to revenue marketing is a return to that coveted seat at the management table.

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