Shel Holtz

Principal at Holtz Communication & Technology

With 30-plus years in corporate communications, I consult with companies on the application of online communication to their organizational communication efforts. Based on my corporate experience in employee communications, I have worked mostly on intranets, although I often help organizations with their online corporate communication strategies.

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We’ll see more micro-targeting of customers in 2015

In 2015, we’ll see more micro-targeting of the customer. This will affect the approach we take to reaching prospects – the kinds of content we produce and tools that we use.

Instead of the old “mass media” approach – the “one size fits all” mentality – we’re going to need to learn more about the organizations and the buyers we want to appeal to and create customized, personalized, tailored marketing strategies that will address their issues, answer their questions, and satisfy their needs.

This may include identifying new prospects, and I look at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. They launched a 30 million dollar advertising campaign designed to expand its loyalty program from just B2C customers into the B2B market. The Starwood campaign includes its first ever advertising on LinkedIn – clearly a B2B social network – it’s designed to attract business professionals, this advertising campaign. Twitter and YouTube content are also being intensified, and they’ve even introduced a hashtag #SPGPro – that ‘pro’ meant to unify the campaign around this B2B focus.

I suspect we’re also going to see some of the one-to-one marketing efforts we’ve seen from B2C businesses like NatWest – financial services organization in the UK – and Warby Parker here in the US. In these efforts, content is created to respond to a single customer’s question, but it stands as content that anybody can discover, consumer, and share. Which not only addresses the question or issue that other people may have, but demonstrates some pretty amazing customer service.

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