Shel Holtz

Principal at Holtz Communication & Technology

With 30-plus years in corporate communications, I consult with companies on the application of online communication to their organizational communication efforts. Based on my corporate experience in employee communications, I have worked mostly on intranets, although I often help organizations with their online corporate communication strategies.

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The sharing (or collaborative) economy will have an increased impact

One key B2B trend we’re definitely going to see in 2015 is the increased impact of the sharing (or collaborative) economy. The importance of this really massive shift in which those who were traditionally customers also become manufacturers and suppliers.

This has been increasingly evident in the B2C space with companies like AirBnB, Uber, TaskRabbit, and hundreds of other organizations providing the platforms that are connecting people who have, with people who need. But, the B2B world has been largely ignoring this trend, shrugging it off, and that’s shortsighted.

Consider AirPR, a marketplace connecting startups with independent PR consultants or small agencies, enabling them to compete with the really big players. FLOOW2 lets companies share goods, resources, even staff with other companies. This lets them be more efficient with their own resources and allows them to get the resources they need very, very quickly. Cargomatic? Well, it’s like Uber for shipping, making it easier to manage the supply chain.

The implications for marketing will be great than most people think – affecting everything from how we find and do business with marketing partners, to how we manage relationships with customers. Marketers really need to get up to speed on this most significant change and how it’s going to have an impact on B2B.

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