Paul Salvaggio

Operations VP of Backbone Media

As VP of Operations for Backbone Media, I provide the tools, processes, services, and teams to best serve our B2B clients in the areas of data, technology and content.  I develop, test, and roll out new services and programs to satisfy our clients’ growing digital marketing needs. This frequently requires navigating complex challenges while managing our on-site and remote teams specializing in journalism, editing, multimedia, search, social media, mobility, development, and analytics.

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Sales and marketing will become one department.

In recent a survey of nearly 500 marketers and CMOs conducted by The Economist and Marketo, 80% said revenue generation would soon be how their marketing department would be evaluated. This is just more proof that sales and marketing departments are both profit centers striving towards one goal, driving revenue. And according to many thought leaders like Justin Gray, Ginger Conlon, Matt Heinz and Debbie Qaqish, marketing departments need to adjust to this reality and better align with sales. In fact, David Meerman Scott goes one step further and predicts sales and marketing will soon converge into one department.

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