Paul Salvaggio

Operations VP of Backbone Media

As VP of Operations for Backbone Media, I provide the tools, processes, services, and teams to best serve our B2B clients in the areas of data, technology and content.  I develop, test, and roll out new services and programs to satisfy our clients’ growing digital marketing needs. This frequently requires navigating complex challenges while managing our on-site and remote teams specializing in journalism, editing, multimedia, search, social media, mobility, development, and analytics.

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Marketers will better leverage resources and budgets.

We all can remember when corporate blogging was in its infancy. Now nearly every B2B company has a blog and an internal team creating the content for that blog. However, this content production model has evolved. Let me tell you what your competitors are doing or soon will be doing according to Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi. Your competitors are building media production teams managed by the marketing departments. These teams do not create content, they act as reporters and journalists (many are in fact professional journalists) and harvest the most engaging and impactful content from thought leaders, partners, clients, brand advocates and customers. And these journalists aren’t asking for written blog posts from these busy people who have no time to write content. They’re simply asking to speak over the phone and they’ll record the call. The journalists are actually capturing the content first before they even think about how they will format it. Then they reformat it into a dozen or so cross-media assets like blog posts, podcasts, videos, slideshares, content apps, and so forth. This is an example of a highly leveraged marketing operation. If you don’t have the internal resources to execute this operation, then outsource the necessary skills and manage a remote media production team yourself.

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