Paul Salvaggio

Operations VP of Backbone Media

As VP of Operations for Backbone Media, I provide the tools, processes, services, and teams to best serve our B2B clients in the areas of data, technology and content.  I develop, test, and roll out new services and programs to satisfy our clients’ growing digital marketing needs. This frequently requires navigating complex challenges while managing our on-site and remote teams specializing in journalism, editing, multimedia, search, social media, mobility, development, and analytics.

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Content is no longer king.

It’s not surprising to me that the most popular category in our B2B Trends and Predictions series was content. However, content is no longer king now that the internet is saturated with low-quality content. According to many thought leaders including Michael Brenner, Erik Wolf, Brian Kardon, Meagan Eisenberg and Ardath Albee, what must become king is the customer and producing content in the context of that customer’s journey. This means understanding your customer’s every need and interest by building detailed personas, psycho-demographics and more personalized content. In terms of context, it means telling the right story, to the right person at the right time. And finally, it means telling stories that make your customer the hero, not your brand, product or service.

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