Neal Schaffer

Author, Founder of Maximize Social Business

With nearly 20 years of successful experience in B2B sales, business development & marketing – where I helped multiple companies establish sales organizations from scratch in competitive Asia markets – I began my career in social media in 2008 starting with a blog. In 2009 I spoke at the first of my 150+ speaking events and published my 1st book, “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn.”

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B2B marketers will learn to leverage the visual

There are many trends in social media marketing that will force B2B marketers to be thinking more visual in their efforts. The growth of purely visual social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, the fact that social media posts with visuals simply get better engagement on any given social network, and the fact that 80% of what humans perceive, comprehend and remember depends on our visual system all hint at the growing importance visuals have in our social media marketing. Now for B2B brands creating this sort of visual voice will challenge most and require marketers to really develop those same creative skills that ad agencies working with Fortune 500 consumer brands already possess.

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