Neal Schaffer

Author, Founder of Maximize Social Business

With nearly 20 years of successful experience in B2B sales, business development & marketing – where I helped multiple companies establish sales organizations from scratch in competitive Asia markets – I began my career in social media in 2008 starting with a blog. In 2009 I spoke at the first of my 150+ speaking events and published my 1st book, “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn.”

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Paid social will become mainstream

2015 will be the year that B2B marketers finally do a reset on how they have been budgeting their marketing for the past few years. The emergence of social media has already required marketers to shuffle their budgets. However, the growing value of paid social will accelerate that trend as social spend will reach deeper in reallocating traditional forms of marketing expenses. The realization that paid social can help accelerate social media goals, the unprecedented ability to micro target who views the ads in paid social and the potential ROI that could be generated from a relatively inexpensive ad will see many more B2B companies utilizing paid social as part of their marketing efforts in 2015.

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