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Founder of The Sales Lion

The Sales Lion is a Marketing and Sales consulting company focusing on helping small and large organizations develop a culture of content and inbound marketing. Marcus also speaks around the world with fire and passion.

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There is no “secret sauce” in B2B marketing

It’s amazing to me how many B2B companies tend to be living still in the 1990s and they think that they have a “secret sauce” when in reality all they have is Thousand Island dressing.

And what I mean by that is they’re afraid to show their methodologies, they’re afraid to show they’re employees, they’re afraid to show all these things because they’re so worried that the competition is going to come in and steal what they do. And instead of worrying about the customer – the ones that truly matter – they’re more worried about the competition, and it’s a crying shame.

If you really want to embrace a “secret sauce” today, your “secret sauce” should be giving it away – being more transparent than anybody else. See your company as a company in a glass house, allowing them to see how you do it. And because you’re so helpful, because you’re such a strong resource for them, they trust you more than anybody else. If you become their trust agent, you will earn their business.

And so the key in 2015 and beyond is letting go of this “secret sauce” mentality and just giving it away.

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