Marcus Sheridan

Founder of The Sales Lion

The Sales Lion is a Marketing and Sales consulting company focusing on helping small and large organizations develop a culture of content and inbound marketing. Marcus also speaks around the world with fire and passion.

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Forget “B2B” – the best marketers are “P2P”, people to people

B2B is actually just B2C. It’s unbelievable how many B2B companies before they even start to hear new principles and practices of marketing think; “well, we’re a B2B company, so we’re different.”

I’m here to tell you that the most successful ones in the marketing space, they don’t say they’re B2B, or they don’t say they’re B2G (as they do where I live in Virginia which is business-to-government), or they don’t say we’re B2C – but they say we are P2P, we are people-to-people, human-to-human.

And we all fall under the same umbrella of rules: great communication, great listening, great teaching, and being helpful. We can do that, and do that better than anybody else especially when it comes to our websites, our digital platforms, and being prolific, prolific teachers in the things that we do and say and show.
Ultimately, we’re going to be successful, and we’re going to stop saying to ourselves “but, we’re B2B.” Because the bottom line is we’re all human and we all want the same things.

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