Larry Kim

Founder of Wordstream

Founded WordStream in 2007. Bootstrapped the company. Used consulting services revenue to fund a team of engineers and marketers to develop and sell software for search engine marketing automation.

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Email advertising

Over 80% of companies do email marketing and that’s because it’s so easy and so powerful to get business from your existing customers. But over the years, the deliverability rates, and spam filters, and people unsubscribing to emails has risen because there are so many companies trying to get into people’s inboxes.

So, Gmail ads is a really interesting way to get into people’s email inboxes without even having their emails. You can target ads that appears in people’s inboxes as though they were emails, and target those emails based on who they’re getting emails from, or certain words in emails, and this is a really interesting new way to get into people’s inboxes without having to worry about spam filters and unsubscriptions and all that stuff. So, a really new powerful trend is Gmail advertising.

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