Katie Paine

CEO of Paine Publishing

I provide consulting and training to organizations wanting to define and measure success specifically around implementing the new standards for social media measurement and public relations.

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Many companies will make decisions based on flawed data

The problem with all the “Big Data” that we are being inundated with these days is that an awful lot of it is either irrelevant or flat-out wrong. I look at databases all the time and they’re full of irrelevant data, or the wrong dates, or something. And unfortunately
with these sexy new platforms that are out there, people jump to conclusions when they see a pie chart or a bar chart without actually digging into the data below it. It’s a huge problem in the industry, no one’s paying much attention to the quality of this “Big Data” – but next year I’m sure somebody will make a big mistake based on flawed data because they haven’t looked into the factual quality of the data.

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