Katie Paine

CEO of Paine Publishing

I provide consulting and training to organizations wanting to define and measure success specifically around implementing the new standards for social media measurement and public relations.

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Public relations, marketing, and business results will all come together for first time

For years, public relations has been relegated to nothing more than putting out press releases. However, now CEOs and their boards understand the role that public relations and good public relationships play in business success. So, for the first time, public relations is going to move up to get a seat at the table. And, in the process, they’re going to have to understand the business and the financial aspects of the business and the mission. And those two things have not come together very often, but they started to come together in 2015 with more emphasis on measurement and web analytics tying closely to media measurement. That trend is going to accelerate in 2015 and it will all be integrated into a group of communications disciplines that will include social media, public relations, and marketing.

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