Justin Gray

CEO of LeadMD

Justin Gray is the CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD. He founded the company in 2009 with the vision of transforming traditional grassroots marketing efforts through the use of cloud based marketing solutions. Gray sees grassroots marketing dollars shrinking and traditional branding efforts being strewn aside in favor of a true Conversational Marketing approach.

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Data quality will make the turn toward a solution rather than a problem

So, data solution and quality can really improve in two ways. The first of which is marketers embracing the notion of engagement rather than that “blast and bash” based mentality, that bulk marketing based mentality.

We see marketers focusing more on buyers that are engaged through nurture streams and content than we see in success within mass-blasting lists and trying to get a very small percent of return out of that large effort.

So, not a day goes by that a marketer doesn’t ask us where they can buy a great list, or where they should be shopping for new leads. As we see the rise of content marketing really take hold, the notion of engagement is going to shift that paradigm.

The second way I believe is for CRM and marketing automation providers can really step in and provide an integrated solution to help marketers with this challenge. So we see data hygiene and accuracy being two very big pain points for marketers these days. Salesforce.com started down this path with Data.com – but there’s a lot of more ground to cover there.

And I do agree that much of this depends on the marketer and their adherence to opt-out in data-usage laws – but all-in-all, if a marketer focuses on engagement, then it’s up to the platform to provide us a way to hygiene and keep data clean over time.

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