Justin Gray

CEO of LeadMD

Justin Gray is the CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD. He founded the company in 2009 with the vision of transforming traditional grassroots marketing efforts through the use of cloud based marketing solutions. Gray sees grassroots marketing dollars shrinking and traditional branding efforts being strewn aside in favor of a true Conversational Marketing approach.

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Marketers will be forced to embrace revenue as a measure of performance and quota.

In the past, marketers have always been incented mainly on number of marketing
qualified leads – this tends to be the most often metric that we run into as we’re
engaged with marketers day-to-day. This is really prohibitive when you get into sales
and marketing alignment and all of those typical challenges we find within an

Sales wants one thing – which is always net-new sales or revenue – marketing wants to
fulfill their goal which is adding new individuals into the system, which isn’t really a good
realization of that time or spend. So, really the only way to ensure ROI – returns on
marketing’s efforts – is to incent both marketing and sales on the exact same figure, and
that has to be revenue.

It also forces marketers to track all of the way through the sales and marketing funnel.
All too often, we deal with groups of marketers that are disconnecting after that lead is
passed over to sales, and it’s just not conducive to a full revenue model – nor are they
the types of measurements that the executive team wants to see.

By embracing revenue as a joint goal between sales and marketing, I predict that
we’ll really see a large increase in sales and marketing alignment and a decrease in
skepticism about what marketing is actually doing behind the curtains.

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