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Social Strategist, B2B Content Marketer & Author

I am a B2B marketing strategist with both agency and client-side experience. Social media may be a buzzword or the latest fad at your B2B company, but it is something that I live and breathe every day. Whether it is advising B2B enterprise companies on their social media strategy or writing compelling B2B content for a leading industry blog, B2B social media is my passion.

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Is social media marketing becoming just another marketing channel?

When we look back on social media marketing 10 years from now, we might find that there was this small community-oriented blip. Lots of social media efforts from B2B companies took the approach of community engagement, and listening to your customers, and things that just felt very different than traditional marketing.

But what seems to be happening is there are B2B companies that are coming to social media, coming to their new digital marketing, and they’re finding out that some amount of push messaging (interruptive marketing) is still the kind of thing that works. As platforms like Facebook and Twitter move towards a more advertising-focused model, that starts feeling way more like interruptive marketing than the previous 5 years of social media engagement that was much more community-focused.

So, it feels like their might be a sea change in how B2B companies are approaching social media, but I think we need a bit of distance before we can tell if this trend is really all it seems to be.

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