Jay Baer

President of Convince & Convert

I’m a social media and content marketing consultant, New York Times best selling author and acclaimed keynote speaker and emcee.

I’m President of Convince & Convert, a digital marketing advisory firm that accelerates the success of major corporations, world-wide. A founder of five consulting firms, my team and I work with major brands world-wide, including Oracle, Salesforce.com, Novartis, BMC Software, Maersk, and more.

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Companies will embrace the concept of making the story bigger

As companies are trying to create more and more content and win consumer hearts and minds with content, they have to recognize that they can create content that transcends the transaction. You see, we already have a name for content that is only about your products and services and it’s just a description of the things you sell. The name for that is a “brochure” – we already have those. So, increasingly you’re going to start seeing companies embracing the notion of making the story bigger – providing valuable, useful content to consumers that isn’t necessarily just about their products and services per se.

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