Jay Baer

President of Convince & Convert

I’m a social media and content marketing consultant, New York Times best selling author and acclaimed keynote speaker and emcee.

I’m President of Convince & Convert, a digital marketing advisory firm that accelerates the success of major corporations, world-wide. A founder of five consulting firms, my team and I work with major brands world-wide, including Oracle, Salesforce.com, Novartis, BMC Software, Maersk, and more.

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All businesses will embrace a video content strategy

Look, as an author this breaks my heart, but the reality is that people don’t read the way they used to – “Johnny don’t read anymore”. Why would people want to read when they can – even easier than reading – look at videos, look at photos, and have their content spoon-fed to them in a mobile device. If you look at what’s on the rise in content creation and social media, it is universally things that are multimedia. Whether it’s YouTube – which is up 43% year-over-year – Instagram video, Vine video, things like video on Facebook – which is skyrocketing in popularity – even things like podcasting which is a similar dynamic. All the content consumption devices that are not writing are those that are on the increase – all businesses are going to have to embrace video.

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